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Discover the future of writing with Novella – the modern, distraction-free application. Unleash powerful functionality without the complexity of traditional word processors.

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    Key Features

    Powerful Analytics

    Track your word counts with precision, whether it's by week, by day, or throughout the past year. Stay motivated, maintain writing streaks, and reach your word count goals effortlessly.

    Flexible Snippets

    Fuel your creativity with unlimited, categorized text snippets for world-building, character development, and more, all tightly integrated with your projects.

    Personalized Writing

    Craft your perfect writing environment by customizing word counts, fonts, and themes, ensuring your space suits your unique style.

    Lightning-Fast Performance

    Experience lightning-fast document loading and seamless scaling, even with dozens of projects. Novella ensures your writing process remains efficient and responsive.

    Intuitive Chapter Reordering

    Easily reorder project chapters via drag-and-drop, ensuring your manuscript flows seamlessly, regardless of its size.

    Project-Specific Tasks

    Stay organized with project-specific task lists in Novella. Easily create and check off tasks, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for your project's progress.

    Uncover Deeper Insights

    Gain a competitive edge with Novella's robust analytics tools designed to help authors extract meaningful insights from their writing process.

    • Visualize your word counts by day and month.

    • Track words written per project.

    • Monitor your writing streak over the past year.

    Creative Freedom with Snippets

    Unlock creativity with Novella's flexible snippets feature. Create unlimited categorized text snippets for world building, character development, outlines, and more, all tightly integrated with your projects.

    • Create as many snippets as you need for any purpose.

    • Categorize snippets your way, enhancing your writing process.

    • Never lose an idea with a dedicated space for deleted scenes.

    Your Perfect Writing Space

    Tailor your writing environment to your preferences with Novella's personalized writing features. Customize word counts, fonts, text sizes, and switch between light and dark mode to create your ideal writing space.

    • Control your word count display for focused writing.

    • Choose a font and text size that matches your style.

    • Seamlessly switch between light and dark mode for comfortable writing anytime.

    Lightning-Fast Performance

    Experience satisfying speed and efficiency with Novella's incredible performance. Say goodbye to sluggish documents – Novella breaks up your manuscript into logical sections, like chapters, ensuring lightning-fast performance whether you have one project or dozens.

    • Enjoy seamless writing with optimized performance.

    • Focus on your creativity, not document loading times.

    • Easily reorder project chapters via intuitive drag and drop.

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    Unlock Your Writing Potential

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